The Trousseau line, behind the scenes

The Trousseau line, behind the scenes

We are very excited to share with you that Belle Vie is launching its own Children clothing & accessories line!

Designed in Paris, this timeless and sensitive offer celebrates the happiness & innocence of Childhood through very unique creations.




Each piece is indeed a mix of French high quality fabrics and refined antique French lace and buttons, sourced with love & patience from the 1900’s to the 1960’s.

Giving a new birth to those precious treasures is our way to celebrate the « savoir-faire» and the traditions, while reusing beautiful existing materials.




Those of you familiar with our online boutique knows that this is a place designed to bring beauty in the daily life.

The brands part of our offer are curated with great care. Their products are qualitative and durable, produced with a slow fashion mindset, and with respect and love of people, crafts and know-how. 

After almost 3 years since the opening of the boutique, it was time to make the leap and create our own offer, that we wished in line with those values.




This story starts with my family, my memories and the love for antique fabrics and lace.

For years, I have ben deeply inspired by the everlasting antique Trousseaux of my grand-mothers and great grand-mothers, aware that the hand embroidered linen and the delicate lace were a true labor of love which needed to be protected and shared.




Surrounded by talented partners, we started to draw, source vintage lace and buttons and find new high quality French fabrics.

The result of those wonderful collaborations is the Trousseau line, a high end offer of timeless pieces that we hope will become a refreshed trousseau to cherish and pass on.

Thank you Marie, Charlotte, Camille, Sabine, Chloé, Cécile, Nadine for imagining with us the future of Belle Vie.