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Aster is a children’s shoe brand founded in 1913 in Saint-Astier, a little village located in the South-West of France. Its founder, Sicaire Georges, hoped to guide children’s first steps by offering them shoes well suited.

The first Aster shoes were intended to be light and as flexible as contemporary materials would allow.
 The first model to be released was the Dingo, a sandal with six perforations recalling the brand’s famous flower logo.

Since then, Aster has manufactured quality shoes for babies first steps to pre-teenagers, adapted to the morphology and size of each age.

Aster is a premium brand synonymous with quality and authenticity, which has stood the test of time and has reinvented itself year after year, gaining an incomparable expertise.

Babies and children feet are fragile and still developing and this is critical to protect them: Aster shoes allow your child to grow well while promoting the formation of the natural foot arch.
Fashionable and timeless, comfortable and refined, chic and casual, they are informed by a century of history. The result is a style which is resolutely modern, while remaining faithful to its classic heritage.

I am really happy to count Aster in “Belle Vie” selection: I wore the Dingo sandal when I was a little one, like many French kids, and so do my daughters. It represents my childhood and I hope it will accompany other children in their first steps and explorations.