When vintage wedding sheets become cozy duvet covers

When vintage wedding sheets become cozy duvet covers

We are extending our "Trousseau" line and introducing a new piece, the duvet cover!

Those beautiful duvet covers are crafted in our French sewing workshop by upcycling high quality unique French vintage wedding sheets.

I personally sourced those pieces with a lot of care and love and with an immense respect for the work and the history they represent, the history of a family.


I have always been amazed by the intricate work and lace details of those wedding sheets on which the maiden used to work for years, from a very young age, with patience and dedication.

Giving a new life to those heirloom pieces has made us so happy!



The filling is as warm as it is soft and your little ones will love to curl up in them.

And of course, besides having a very beautiful story, each piece is unique.

We will continue to offer those one-of-a-kind treasures throughout the year, as we find unique vintage sheets.

Like our other "Trousseau" pieces, this line embodies our values and mission of creating timeless pieces, which live throughout the seasons and are passed within families and communities.