The Epiphany Cake

The Epiphany Cake

Back from the Holiday break, let's push out a little bit more the good detox resolutions (if any!), to enjoy the Epiphany, and especially the French tradition of the Epiphany Almond cake -"Galette des Rois"-, which our family wouldn't miss under any circumstances!

Who wouldn't want to indulge in this scrumptious dessert and find the lucky charm and thus be the Queen or the King of the day?

The centennial tradition says that the youngest goes under the table while one points out each cake slice while asking "Who gets that one?".

This way, the slices are distributed randomly "by the most innocent at the table" and the suspense is full until you find -or not- the lucky charm ("la fève"), which is often a little character in porcelain.

The one who gets the lucky charm gets the crown! 



-2 rolls of puff pastry

-60g butter

-60g sugar

-60g almond flour

- 1 egg

- 1 Tbsp Rhum (optional)

-1 or more lucky charms to hide in the cake

-1 or more golden crowns (we love the one of the French artist Astrid Lecornu for Risu Risu)


Preheat your oven to 180 ° C. 

Place the 1st puff pastry in a cake mold and prick it with a fork

Then, melt the butter and add the sugar to it in a bowl

Mix the almond flour, the egg and the rhum with the butter and sugar 


Spread this paste on the puff pastry while stopping at approximately 0.4 inches from the edge of the pastry and place the 2nd roll of puff pastry on top, sealing it gently with your fingers.
Decorate with a knife and brush with an egg yolk.
Place in the oven for 35-40 mn, while checking regularly
The last 2 mn, add powder sugar on top and raise the oven temperature to 250° C
When the top is golden, you can remove from the oven and when it's colder, hide the lucky charms into the cake, accessing gently from the back



The good news is that you can enjoy this cake  the entire month of January!

The beautiful crowns on this picture were created by the French Artist Véronique Damart from Maillo Design