The colors of Autumn

The colors of Autumn

I like the change of season and the transition into Fall.
When the air is becoming crisper, the sun less warm and the leaves yellow and red, here in Oregon we know it's time to go back inside the house, light up our beeswax candles and get ready for the colder and rainy months.

It's time to happily pick up our baking, knitting, reading routines where we left them a couple of months ago.



It's also time to enjoy Nature's bright color palette, in the many forests around the city of Portland and at the farm, especially in the pumpkin patch and the sunflower maze, which are always must-have Fall activities for the girls.


Harvesting ourselves our pumpkins, in a whole variety of colors and shapes is a tradition we have happily embraced since we moved here!
Our favorite farm -Topaz Farm- is located on Sauvie island, very close to the city.
From May to end of October we go there often to enjoy the seasonal U-pick opportunities, see the animals, play outside, listen to live outdoor music or for farm-to-plate dinners. 



The colors outside are inspiring us for inside and we love that our candles are matching the hues of the pumpkins, sunflowers and Oregon trees.




We love the quality and scent of the pure beeswax candles from Cave Glow Studio.

They are handcrafted in small batches, with locally-sourced pure beeswax and cotton wicks and they burn very cleanly!


We wish you a Happy Fall!