Stroll in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden part 2

Stroll in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden part 2


Let’s go on with our Luxembourg garden tour! Places where to eat or snack, a bee garden, riding ponies, a huge and safe playground and a vintage carousel... This garden is a kid’s heaven!

The garden’s carousel is part of all little Parisians of this neighborhood chidhood.

You can take them ride on one of the oldest carousels of Paris. They’ll be given a wooden stick and will have the possibility to catch some metallic rings. The more you get, the happier! And do this on repeat!



Close to the carousel LUDO JARDIN is a big and safe playground where your children can relax, play and be happy after or in the middle of a day visiting Paris.

All the children love to have fun here and it is so good as parents to see them happy! You can also find some free place to play in the sand. Better during the week than during the weekend. It is overcrowded as few spaces like this exist in Paris.



The Little donkeys of the garden.

Small children can go for a little, fun and safe donkey ride in the alleys of the park, under the manager supervision of course. Another long time tradition of this garden!



Now just for the fun, go and explore another part of the park, close to rue D’Assas. The apiary is a luxury in a city. As refined as the rest of the park, from time to time you can see some people taking an apiculture class and once a year the honey is for sale! Check their website if you are in Paris when they sell it.

This little place is full of charm and history.

Then why not stop for a snack, a treat or a meal? The garden’s restaurants and buvettes are located in pretty little houses. Freshly squeezed juice, crepes, ice creams... or a simple meal away from the bustling city.

Bon appétit!