Stroll in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden

Stroll in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden

This journal is for you. Collected recipes and family memories inspired by France, an elegant way to slow down and get inspired... I recently decided to share some « travel tips » to make you dream about Paris and use them when you’ll plan your next trip to France!

Belle Vie Paris will take you to Paris once a month. You’ll discover places we like, kids friendly of course... You’ll see Paris through the eyes of a Parisian mum of four and get a lot of good ideas!

First step, discover the most beautiful garden of Paris, the Luxembourg garden. It is a public garden behind the « Luxembourg palace », originally a palace built for Marie de Médicis inspired by Palazzo Pitti in Florence. It is now where the French Senate discuss and vote the laws.

The Luxembourg garden is inspired by the Boboli garden in Florence as Marie de Médicis spent her childhood in Tuscany. You’ll find an orchard, an apiary, a museum, an orangery, a music pavillon, the iconic chairs, restaurants and cafés and what is more important if you travel with your children, a lot of kids dedicated activities.



Let’s start in front of the palace with the little sailing boats. All year long, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays afternoons you can rent those little boats and see the little Parisians play for hours, walking or running all around the pound, watching their boat sail and kick them with a stick when they arrive at the edge.

Summer time in this garden is really cool as you can hire little boats and watch them float on the big pound every day.



Then walk and climb the stairs on you left when you are facing the Senate, you’ll enter a beautiful alley and you’ll find the linden trees. Walk in the shadow and you’ll see the swings!

The iconic swings of our children’s childhood, run by Garance who loves children and seeing them having fun.



Those swings are so good! Breeze in the air, the impression to fly... they have not changed since more than 50 years and are part of lots of adults childhood memories!

You can also get a cotton candy, sweets and toys to play in the garden, the kids love it!





A few steps will lead you to one of the most famous puppet theater of Paris : « Théâtre du Luxembourg », where the children attend the classic French Guignol.

The shows are truly beautiful and worth attending. The dialogues in French are very old fashioned and will take you to this 1950s France. The puppets’ costumes are incredible and the kids and parents love it! The owner of the theater (photo) is a public figure of Paris and part of a lot of kids and grown up childhood memories.



After the show, you can get or not a balloon and go on enjoying the park!

Next episode in September!