French toasts for breakfast

French toasts for breakfast

This classic family « no waste » dessert is always a joy for the family. We often upgrade it with stale brioche, the kids love it. As the brioche is sweeter than the bread it can be perfect for breakfast, instead of pancakes!



Ingredients (4 persons) :

-8 slices of stale brioche or bread

-3 fresh eggs
-1 cup 1/2 of milk (30 ml)
-1/4 cup sugar (50g)

-1 tablespoon vanilla sugar or 1 tea spoon vanilla extract or lemon zest if you prefer

-2 tablespoon butter or 25g to cook

-1 pound (500g) fresh berries

Method :

In a soup plate beat the eggs, add the sugar, vanilla sugar or extract or lemon zest and the milk. Mix until getting an omelette.

Slice the brioche. Wash the berries.

Put each slice in the egg-sugar-milk mixture and soak the brioche slices in the mixture until really soft.



Put half the butter in a frying pan. Add the slices of brioche and cook on both sides until golden (5-7 min at medium heat).

Put on a dish and set aside. Repeat for all the brioche slices and add butter if needed.



Place two slices on a plate for each guest and cover with berries.
If you can’t eat them immediately, you can reheat them very quickly in the toaster.



Bon appétit!