Apricot rosemary clafoutis

Apricot rosemary clafoutis

Summer break is here and we all need effortless yet delicious recipes to make those days more tasteful.

Apricot and rosemary are a perfect match and the milk infused with rosemary makes this recipe unique. This clafoutis tastes like a sunny summer day at a dear and caring friend’s home.


-  1 large pound - 600g ripe apricots

-  2-3 fresh rosemary springs

-  3 eggs

-  3/4 cups (75g) cornstarch

- 3/4 cups (150g) granulated sugar

-  1 cup (25ml) milk

-  1 cup (25ml) fresh cream-  1 pinch of sea salt

-  2 bags (20g) vanilla sugar

-  1 tablespoon butter for the dish

-  1/4 cup (50g) granulated sugar for the dish



Butter the mold and sprinkle with sugar. Add the apricots halved and pitted and put them in the mold. Turn the oven on 390°F or 200°C.

Gently bring the milk to a boil with the rosemary. Let cool and infuse.




-  In a bowl, put the cornstarch, sugar and vanilla sugar, salt. Add the beaten eggs. Mix together. Then add the fresh cream and then the rosemary milk. Blend with an electric blender for 10 sec.

-  Pour the mixture in the dish and bake for 35-40 minutes





Delicious lukewarm or at room temperature. Enjoy!