A Summer day at the farm

A Summer day at the farm

Best kept secret, Summer in Oregon is a fantastic season!

One of our family's favorite activity is to go to a local farm for berry picking, buying super fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and other delicious home made treats and of course seeing the animals which is probably what the girls prefer.

The best place to do that is of course on our local gem, Sauvie Island, the largest island along the Columbia River and one of the largest river islands in the United States.

So close to the city and yet, you feel so far away and connected to nature.

Our last trip there ended up in a newly opened farm, Topaz farm.

While I was choosing highly fresh products, the girls had the best time ever playing with goats and watching the pigs, when they were not running around in the vast meadow, which is something we all need right now, after so many weeks limiting our travels and movements.

On the grass, very pretty wooden pic-nic tables painted in aqua blue were arranged and we chose one of them under a big sycamore to set up for lunch.

For the girls, the highlight of this visit was probably discovering that there was a cute baby goat hidden in one of the farm buildings, neck and neck with the home made strawberry ice cream.

On my side, I loved doing my weekly grocery shopping directly at the source, supporting a local business and being sure of the origin of the products.

Back home, jams, flowers cookies, fruit salads and fresh mint teas were on the agenda, reminding me my Amsterdam years where you could drink those in every single cafe by the canals. 

I am inviting you to join us in pictures.




Back home, so much inspiration for future dishes


A very tasteful fresh mint tea