Back to the Sixties!

Back to the Sixties!

As we are all enjoying the Summer, I would like to embark you with us for an unconventional travel, a travel in time, back to 1968.

As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of everything vintage and old-fashioned and so, when Greg our neighbor accepted that we do a little photo shoot in his vintage Buick, we were super excited! It was a welcome break in our routine, while we are still spending quite some time at home and in our neighborhood. 

What an honor to be able to step into that collection car, that Greg bought many years ago and has maintained since then?

I am always very admirative to see people taking care of their dreams and passions.



As you may know, Buick was among the first American automotive brands and in 1968, the main model was called Skylark.

The shape and cream color, as well as the dashboard and seats are all so infused with those sixties vibes! You open the door and instantly, you are transported into the streets of LA, hair in the wind, listening to Jumpin' Jack Flash. While I am writing those lines, I am actually listening to some top songs of 1968 and it's so good!

It was also so much fun dressing up the girls with deliciously retro dress styles which were the perfect fit.

We parked in front of beautiful gigantic hydrangeas, which reminded me some great pictures some of you recently shared with us from Japan and South Korea and, cherry on the cake, at the end, Greg drove us around, for the girls greatest joy.