September and the last of Summer bounty

September and the last of Summer bounty

Ripe and tasteful fruits, Summer last warm and sunny days... Let’s celebrate and enjoy this last sip of Summer! Here we like to have fruits everyday as it is healthy and this roasted fruits recipe is just a perfect twist of the classic raw fruits salad.

It is easy to cook and so satisfying!

Ingredients for 4 persons:

- 8 figs

- 3 peaches or nectarines

- A handful of blackberries (handpicked are the best and it is still the season)

- A tablespoon of sugar

- Verbena leaves


Method: ( Switch on the oven on 180°C or 360° F)

-Wash and slice the fruits in small pieces

-Put them nicely in an oven proof dish

-Cover with water, sprinkle the sugar

-Cook for 40-50 minutes until smooth and golden

-When it has cooled down add the verbena leaves.


You can have this for dessert with ice cream, madeleines and all the recipes you can find in older articles of our journal. It is also perfect with your morning porridge or with a homemade granola!