Claire Lefort – French Stylist & Founder of the brand 'NORO Paris' – 3 kids

Claire Lefort – French Stylist & Founder of the brand 'NORO Paris' – 3 kids

Claire Lefort is the founder of 'NORO Paris' and tells us all about her story and inspirations so that you know everything behind the scenes of this poetic Parisian brand!



Claire, who are you and what is your background?
It is hard to talk about oneself...

I am French and I like antiques, fabrics and matcha tea.

I have always wanted to design since I was 7 years old, I was drawing all the time at school. But my father didn't want to register me in an art school. Instead, he registered me in a music school.

At the same time, I was visiting several flea markets with my mother and grand-mother every week-end. My mother was very into fashion and had style. She was doing her own clothes, mixing & matching with vintage ones.

After a Science diploma minoring in textile in a Parisian university, I also graduated from the music school and I decided to become a sound engineer, to marry the 2 and design movies music.

No link with fashion! I just wanted to design some music.

I started to draw again when I traveled to Madagascar and started to create for kids when I had my first kid.


Could you tell us a bit more about 'NORO Paris'?

NORO is part of my second name and means 'small flower' in Madagascar, an island where my father was born.

I wanted to create a very Parisian line, slow fashion (because I hate fast fashion), timeless with a retro style but a modern twist via the fabrics. 



Where do you find your inspiration?
In fabrics, music and travel.



What's your favorite place to think and create?
In my 
sunny flat in Amiens, a small town without traffic, located 1 hour from Paris by train. There, I have a 180 degree view on the Cathedral.

How would you define the French 'Art de Vivre'?
Take the time. Have breakfast outside, buy some flowers, go to the local farmer's market and enjoy a sunny day, walking.

What is Happiness for you?
A beach day with my kids and my dog with no car and no phone.



What is your Motto?
Rooted in my Physics studies: you shouldn't put yourself in resonance, you should reason. And it is valid for everything.



Favorite flowerPeony

Favorite colorOlive green or gold green. All the greens in fact

Favorite travel: Japan

Favorite bookI only read home decoration magazines

Favorite songThat's life, Frank Sinatra

Favorite French artist: The singer Henri Salvador and Sébastien Tellier for music movies.

Favorite French place: The old basin of Honfleur

Favorite French recipeCurrant tart or Clafoutis with red fruits

Favorite place in ParisLe Marché des Enfants Rouges (The 'Enfants Rouges' Covered Market)

Favorite French word: Merci