The Apples & Plums Season - French Recipes

The Apples & Plums Season - French Recipes

 In Portland, we love the proximity with nature and following the seasons.

Between June and October, we have the family ritual of going to the farms on Sauvie Island to pick some fruits and vegetables.


 Apples harvest arranged in a Maillo Design Crocheted basket


Plums harvest

After the satisfaction of being outside and picking your own fruits on the tree or in the fields, back home we enjoy as much baking our harvests!

September is the apples & plums season. With some moms friends, I recently went with the girls and since then, I have been busy baking all kinds of sweet French recipes, inherited from my mother and grand-mothers.

Apple tart, apple sauce, plum jam, plum "Clafoutis" (I can't translate that one!)...




I like sharing our French lifestyle and what our French family life looks like.

This early Fall, let's bake together an apple tart and a plum "Clafoutis".


"Tarte Aux Pommes" (Apple Tart) recipe
Shortcrust pastry
150 g of flour 
75 g of soft butter
A pinch of salt
50 ml of lukewarm water
Mix the dry ingredients: flour & salt in a salad bowl
Add the soft butter and knead with your fingertips for 3 minutes then rub the mixture between your hands
Stir in the water to bind the dough, mix fairly quickly with the flour and form a ball
Roll out the dough and put it on a sheet of baking paper in the pie plate
Prick it with a fork and bake it for 10 min at 
400°F so that the crust gets hard (Pre-heat the oven before)
The tart
Apple Sauce
3 to 4 Apples
Vanilla Sugar
Spread a layer of apple sauce on the crust
Slice the apples and arrange them on top of the apple sauce
Bake the tart for 30-45 mn at 400 °F until the apples get golden

"Clafoutis aux Prunes" (Plum Clafoutis) recipe
100 g of flour 
4 eggs
70 g of sugar
300 g of milk
10 g of butter for the cake mold
Pre-heat the oven at  400°F
Cut the plums in 2 and arrange them in the cake mold, previously buttered and slightly floured
Blend the eggs, the sugar, the flour and the milk
Pour this mix on top of the plums
Bake in the oven at  400°F during 40-45 mn.
Enjoy lukewarm or cold!
Bon Appétit !