Your 'Back To School' French Inspiration

Your 'Back To School' French Inspiration

Two weeks that we have been in our new 'Back To School' routine and the holidays and the South of France seem already far away...Leaving Summer behind is definitely a bit tough, especially with young kids.

However, I also like the start of a new school year. It means new schedule, teacher, friends, activities, hopes, small fears and a contagious energy to embrace the unknown.

Looking at the kids wardrobe, I like the transition clothing, smooth bridge between Summer and Fall : cardigans layered on top of light blouses, cute knee-high socks. Finishing any look with timeless leather shoes such as the Aster ones is adding this French twist that you will notice in any French lower/middle school yards. This is a nice alternative to sneakers while the kids can still run and play thanks to their rubber soles. I also like their versatility as they are unisex and go as well with a pair of pants or a dress/skirt.

To celebrate "Back To School", I imagined some French outfits, inspired by the beautiful items from the designers we carry in the Belle Vie Paris boutique as well as by this retro vintage flavor I really like.

Bienvenue in the Belle Vie Paris school yard!


 Petit Bec Cardigan, Bonjour Blouse

Noro Paris Linen Chaplin Pant, Aster Leather Sandals


Petit Bec Blouse & Collar

Noro Paris linen Bloomer

Collégien tightsAster Leather Sandals



Collégien tightsAster Leather Sandals


Endless possibilities with all the Collégien socks & tights



Bonjour Embroidered Dress, Petit Bec Cardigan

Aster Leather shoes


Bonjour Blouse

Noro Paris Linen Skirt

Collégien tightsAster Leather Sandals