Effortless July : the homemade popscicles

Effortless July : the homemade popscicles

A sweet childhood memory that I propose to recreate here for you: the homemade redcurrant popsicles. You can mix redcurrant and strawberries if you don’t have as many as you would like. These popsicles are such a joyful dessert in a hot summer day and they are super light as it is just fruit purée, lemon and sugar. As you must make them at least 12 hours earlier it is super comfortable to have them ready to eat in the freezer!

You can make them with your children, they will love it!


- 2 pounds (1kg) redcurrant or a mix of strawberries and redcurrant. Half/ Half is great but your mix is the best!

-  400 g sugar

-  1/2 lemon juice




-  Wash all the fruits and take the green part off the strawberries; set aside.

-  Puree the redcurrant passing them through a sieve or a fruit juicer.

-  Mix the strawberries to a coulis.

-  Combine all the fruit coulis in a big bowl. Add the sugar and lemon juice.

-  Mix very well and taste the coulis to see if it is sweet enough.



-  Put the fruits coulis in popsicle molds and let freeze at least 12 hours in the freezer. You can also put the coulis in a glass dish if you don’t have popsicle molds.

-  Serve with fresh mint and enjoy!