The rhubarb season

The rhubarb season

Each year, this miracle repeats itself : all the bounties of the spring summer season are here again! This year I wanted to focus on rhubarb which is often underestimated and so subtle. In France, we have many ways to prepare it from the tart to the jam and I wanted to share a very easy recipe for busy parents.

This super simple yet delicious oven roasted rhubarb goes vey well with the 4/4 cake (Quatre quart) or madeleines (recipes in previous articles of this journal).




Ingredients : serves 4

-  1 pound (500g) fresh rhubarb

-  50 g sugar

-  1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

-  One orange zest




Turn the oven on 350° F (180°C)

Peal the rhubarb, cut it into medium sticks and place them in an oven proof dish. Sprinkle with the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the orange zests. Add a little glass of water or less : the water must just arrive 1/2 the height of the rhubarb. Let cook from 35- 45 minutes until super soft.

This is perfect with your morning granola, as a super light dessert, with a vanilla ice cream or strawberry sorbet, with a panna cotta or with a homemade simple cake.