The French “Art de vivre” & style

The French “Art de vivre” & style

From Paris to Portland, French mums talk about what the French “Art de vivre” and style mean for them.

Food, traditions, culture, shopping, friendship, taking the time to share, talk, live. Enjoying simple things.

The French “Art de vivre” is a way of life and, whether you are a French mum in Paris or elsewhere, this is deeply rooted in your DNA. Let’s explore what it really means.

 Louise - Mum of 2, living in Paris (France)

 For me, the French “Art de Vivre” evokes above all the sweetness and “Joie de vivre”, the conviviality, and the act of sharing. It means also living privileged yet simple moments like a dinner with friends or an afternoon by the seaside with your family.

The French style? This is a blend of timeless elegance and simplicity, of tradition and modernity. This is to be chic in all circumstances, in the everyday life as well as for special occasions.


 Amélie - Mum of 3, living in Portland (Oregon, USA)

 I have lived in several countries -Ireland, Canada, Spain and USA- and what I have always missed the most from France are the cute little shops in the streets:  so different one another, this is nice to stroll and sometimes stop to explore what treasures can be found inside.

Food is also something I have always missed: eating healthy and good food is a real pleasure for me (I’m particularly fond of pastries!).

Culture is also very important: discovering great historical buildings all over Paris or Bordeaux where I’m from, going to museums, concerts or theaters, and enjoying great independent movies.

 Culture and gastronomy are part of the French lifestyle. As far as food is concerned, it is based on taking your time to prepare meals and then sharing it around a table, taking advantage of the diversity of products that are different in each area: cheese, wine, bread, desserts. The French cuisine is famous worldwide, it is a precision art and needs not only to be good but also beautiful thanks to the right mix of colors and volumes.

 In France, we love details embodied by talented craftsmen and women and we enjoy decorating. Each person would decorate their own house and would often buy flowers to decorate it.

French people are also known for their elegance mainly based on the principle of simplicity but also on very chic famous fashion brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

 The French “Art de vivre” is also coming to life when we share our point of view. Meals that we share with friends are the perfect moment for debating about ideas. Most of the people have gone to a university -most of them are free- and have read a lot and learned to question anything they see or listen.

 Additionally, we follow a lot of “Savoir-vivre” rules such as how to welcome family or friends at home, or the art of organizing and decorating the table for a meal.

 We also try to teach these cultural specificities to our kids: respect rules, be polite, enjoy the time sharing a meal and talking, be able to eat everything. My three kids, husband and I have dinner together every evening and it is an opportunity to ask the children about their day at school and to answer their questions.

 Finally, the French “Art de vivre” is a way of taking the time to live, talking for hours outside a street café with a simple coffee and enjoying the moment. So nice!