Sibylle – French illustrator & Founder of 'Papillon Papillonnage' – 2 kids

Sibylle – French illustrator & Founder of 'Papillon Papillonnage' – 2 kids

Sibylle is the French author and illustrator behind the stationary brand "Papillon Papillonnage". She lives and works in Paris.

When I discovered Sibylle’s work, everything inspired me, the flowers, the sweet words and the poesy, the texts and images. It was an invitation to dream.

It became very clear to me that I wanted her to imagine the “Belle Vie Paris” logo, a rose, coupled with her own writing to start telling this story, with delicacy, softness and a very French style.



Sibylle, who are you and what is your background?
I arrived in Paris at the age of 19. The excuse was to study there, the truth was that I needed discoveries. In Paris, you discover something every day.

I loved a lot and I still love discovering Paris, even if I miss the countryside and the quietness.
I am the mom of two big boys, Emile, who turns 20 in May, and Romeo, who is 15 years old. I have a cat, Maïa Coco, and a little dog I have just adopted, Pepito!


 Could you tell us a bit more about 'Papillon Papillonnage'?

The 'Papillon Papillonnage' adventure began with the opening of my blog in June 2009 and the desire to write as simply as possible on the multitude of sensations that wander through my mind, on the small things that do what we are.

I spontaneously accompanied my texts, often short, with ink drawings, minimalist and naive. I had never drawn before.

This very personal universe quickly touched my readers who encouraged me to propose this work on cards, calendars, notebooks or leaflets.
This is how the 'Papillon Papillonnage' sensitive stationery brand was born.
I write and draw all my creations by hand, mixing my weaknesses, my lightness and my imagination and fantasy.




Where do you find your inspiration?
As far as writing is concerned, I am essentially inspired by my emotions.
I walk around a lot. Wandering is conducive to writing (the inner writing!).
For the drawings, a twig, a bouquet, shoes, a chair, a chandelier .... Inspiration is everywhere. We are overwhelmed by images, I collect them. And when I don't know what to draw, I look at them and the desire comes back.
The inspiration is infinite. It is all at the same time dizzying, oppressive and reassuring.




What's your favorite place to think and create?
In my solitude.
At Home.
I like being surrounded by silence, greenery, familiar objects, and my sleeping animals.




How would you define the French 'Art de Vivre'?
A zinc counter, two glasses of wine in pretty glasses.
A big table, laughs, and dishes that go from guest to guest.


What is Happiness for you?

Dance. Dancing makes me happy.



What is your Motto?
Let's consider wanderlust rather than distress.


(I don't like answering the following questions because I don't know how to make a choice. I love all the flowers, all the colors, I have a favorite song by season, which also corresponds to a period of life , admiration for a multitude of artists, many favorite authors who accompany me and who I like to re-read  and all of those and what I haven't discovered yet ... As for the words, I love them. To choose one is ... for smiling!) 



Favorite flower: Violet? (This is the name I would have given to my daughter if I have had one.)

Favorite colorAnthracite (Mouse-grey. Cinderella-grey)

Favorite travelI loved traveling to Asia, but I haven't travelled everywhere. And I haven't seen Venice ...

Favorite book: "Letter from an unknown woman", Stefan Sweig

Favorite song: "A peine", Barbara

Favorite French artistSerge (Gainsbourg) & Jane!

Favorite French place: My grandparents' farm, when I was a child.
(I have the memory of it.)

Favorite French recipe: Vegetable soup made with vegetables from the garden.

Favorite place in Paris: The Palais Royal. Inevitably, I am dreaming every time I am going through it, each an every season. I particularly like its passageways at dusk, the sound of my footsteps on the stone and worn mosaics. The space in front of me makes me want to run...

Favorite French word: Coquette !





Thanks Sibyllle for inviting us into your world.

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