Citrus Fruit Salad with the most precious seeds

Citrus Fruit Salad with the most precious seeds

March and the promises of Spring.

The spectacle of nature slowly waking up to life after the winter rest, the prospects and expectations of a new season...

The first blossoms and a still life to introduce you to this new month with an energizing fruit salad!

I often make this salad for my family. It is perfect to end a rich meal lightly, to start the day and for a very healthy snack. I don’t add any sugar as the passion fruit gives a unique flavor to the salad but you can add a spoon of sugar if you have a sweet tooth!




-  5 oranges

-  3 grapefruits

-  1 passion fruit

-  1 pomegranate

-  Fresh mint



Peel the oranges and grapefruits raw. Cut the fruits into small pieces and place them in a nice salad bowl. Cut the passion fruit and add the seeds and juice to the citrus salad. Use half of the pomegranate and add the seeds to the fruit salad. You can grate some lime zest and add some fresh mint leaves to add some extra flavor.

Delicious at room temperature.