Bonjour Brune, beautiful handmade doll!

Bonjour Brune, beautiful handmade doll!

A couple of months ago, we fell in love with the work of Nun Studio, a French brand & studio located in Avignon, in the South of France and created by the Contemplative Sisters of Saint John.

Together, we imagined a very limited edition of their iconic Brune cloth doll, for which Nun Studio usually sells DIY kits, cute little clothes and accessories.

Brune is thus a very limited edition -we produced only a hand full of these!- and unique piece exclusive to Belle Vie Paris. 

We see Brune as the perfect doll to play with, dress or just decorate a room.

 Completely designed and handmade in France by Alma, Brune took several hours to be made, with great care, patience and passion. 

Through our cute Brune doll, we are happy to celebrate craftsmanship and the beauty of things which take time to be made. 

This project is close to our heart and values as it promotes a different way to buy and care for things which are beautiful, qualitative and meant to be kept for many years, in pure slow fashion mindset.