A romantic stroll in Paris

A romantic stroll in Paris

This year for Valentine's Day, we would like to invite you to a romantic stroll in Paris, the city of love, to discover or re-discover some places and artworks which have been an endless source of inspiration for us.

During that time of the year, the gardens are quiet, the weather is crisp and the light cold and pure.

Hidden gem on the left bank of the Seine, the Rodin Museum houses hundreds of sculptures and drawings from the artist, and among all those stunning artworks, you wouldn't want to miss contemplating one of our favorite's masterpiece, "The Kiss", created in 1882. 

Before leaving the museum, we love spending some time in the garden, drawing some of the sculptures and just dreaming around in this little piece of heaven.

Just a couple of blocks away, this is the Luxembourg Garden.

As most of the Parisian gardens, it's a very romantic place for a walk or a talk, on the iconic green "Senat" chairs or at "La Terrasse de Madame", a charming cafe nested under the trees. We love walking under the gaze of the little angels and the French queens of the ancient times. 

The Seine is just minutes away. Let's cross the first bridge and this is the right bank, the Louvre, the Palais Royal garden, another favorite.

The golden hour. The sunset light falls on the centennial facades.

It's cold and time to go inside for a romantic dinner "en tete a tete".

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