The Stripes Edit – Belle Vie Paris loves blue stripes and tells you all about it!

The Stripes Edit – Belle Vie Paris loves blue stripes and tells you all about it!

Go-to-pattern in Summer, the blue stripes remind us of vacations at the beach, on the French “Côte d’Azur” or in Normandy.

We really love the ones we selected for you this season, very different from one another, from the Bonjour collection to the beautiful mattress stripes linen from Noro Paris. Even one of our CSAO embroidered pillows adopts a lovely white and blue stripes pattern. All of them are very original and reinvent stripes in a different way from the traditional French “marinière”. They are fresh and convey the joy of being outside, at the beach or on the terrace of a French family house.

Initially, blue and white stripes are the symbol of the sea, with the “marinière” being the uniform of the French navy since the 19th century, with exactly 21 blue and 21 white stripes. The stripes made it possible to identify the sailors and to distinguish them from the captains of the boats. It is also said that they made it possible to spot sailors who had fallen into the sea.

 Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, on the French beaches, the stripe was on trend and everywhere: on the clothes, towels, parasols and even on the cabins where vacationers changed before going swimming.

In the 1950s, since Coco Chanel started to incorporate the stripes in her collections, many stars and intellectuals were wearing the stripes.


A little later, in the 1980s, Jean-Paul Gaultier, the famous French fashion designer reinvented striped knitwear in his fashion shows and since then, stripes are timeless and never out-of-fashion. Even the French Football team adopted a Nike white and blue stripes jersey in 2011.

The blue stripes represent France in so many ways that we are proud and happy to have them part of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection for both the dressing room and the home linen lines. Enjoy this season Belle Vie Paris stripes looks & selection!


       Bonjour Vintage Dress / Collégien socks / Aster Sandals Camel  


Noro Paris Mattress Stripes Smocked Linen Dress


Bonjour Combipant / Noro Paris Cloche Raffia hat



Noro Paris Mattress Stripes Bloomer  / Bonjour blouse / Aster sandals camel


"AMOUR" CSAO embroidered pillow 


Bonjour Swimsuit - Photo credit: Bonjour


Bonjour Embroidered Dress - Photo credit: Bonjour



Bonjour Kitchen linen collection - Photo credit: Bonjour