The Flowers Edit, a Spring/Summer story

The Flowers Edit, a Spring/Summer story

The Belle Vie Paris logo is a delicate rose and you may have seen on our instagram feed that we loved flowers in all their forms: fresh, dried, embroidered, drawn -by Sibylle- ,wild...

We love the sweet & authentic bouquets from our little ones, the flowers we find at the farmers market, the ones we offer to our friends and loved ones, the lily of the valley and its subtle smell, witness to an old French tradition, the roses and the rhododendrons of the Portland Rose Garden, the ones of the cherry trees which blossom by the Willamette river, so beautiful and ephemeral.

And what a better season than Spring/Summer to talk to you about flowers and share with you our beautiful selection?

We invite you to enter our Spring/Summer 2018 garden, where the dresses are named after flowers and the flowers adorn collars and sandals.



 Noro Paris Gardenia Dress Floral


Noro Paris Pierrot Top Floral 


Noro Paris Aladin pant Floral / Provence basket 


 Bonjour Modigliani embroidered dress / Frank Stella Vintage dress


Noro Paris Gardenia Dress Plumetti


 CSAO "Bonheur" (Happiness) embroidered decorative pillow - Liberty Flowers 



 Vintage treasures at the Belle Paris Home


Papillon*Papillonnage "Je t'attends à la folie" card


Aster sandals Camel 


 Maillo Design decorative lace baskets created from vintage doilies 

Flowers Vintage mirrors at the Belle Vie Paris Home


 Bonjour Georges Braque embroidered dress


Noro Paris Raffia Girl Georgette hat & its Liberty Flowers tie 


Bonjour Camille Claudel Crochet Dress / Photo credit: Bonjour




We would like to share with you some of our local Portland favorite flowers shops, which fuel our inspiration and imagination every day.

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

Hilary Horvath Flowers