Spring laundry or how to clear one’s mind

Spring laundry or how to clear one’s mind

In France, Spring is traditionally linked to the « Grand nettoyage de printemps », a grand Spring cleaning of the house, the bedding and the linen back to a time when there was no washing machine...



Even if everything is easier now, Spring and the return of light gives an extra dose of energy and we still love a thorough cleaning of our homes!



Our Trousseau pieces are precious and delicate yet perfect for a pretty and poetic daily life. We advised you to wash them with care and avoid the dryer! They are all unique with vintage lace and buttons.



During the creation of the Trousseau line, I had in mind this care for the linen and the fabric and I created a mood board dedicated to this refined art of living, inherited from a long line of women who took care of the linen, who embroidered their wedding sheets and linen and spent so much time, love and hope on them. 

I was particularly inspired by 18th century paintings showing how the linen was laid on meadows' fresh grass to dry and bleach naturally, thanks to the magical effects of the sun, the wind and the grass.

This technique was a true labor of love and would take a couple of days and it was so ecological and connected to Nature!



In the world where we live in, poetry and refinement are more needed and helpful than ever.
That’s why I wanted to share with you those relaxing and soft images.

So let’s close our eyes and imagine the delicate scent of freshly washed clothes or linen drying outside with a gentle breeze...

Then you come home with a bouquet of Spring flowers and all those little things have filled your heart with contentment and happiness ✻ ✻ ✻