Postcard from Saint-Tropez - A Summer Lesson of Style With My Favorite French Icons

Postcard from Saint-Tropez - A Summer Lesson of Style With My Favorite French Icons

You may have noticed in the Belle Vie Paris selection, from the dressing room to the home & decoration items, I love everything retro & vintage, rooted in pure French style.

The Fifties, Sixties & Seventies are an endless source of inspiration for me. It is fascinating to see that a lot of what French style is today was born at that time.

In the heart of Summer, dreaming about sun and sand, I would like to tell you a story about Saint-Tropez, symbolic place in the French style history.

Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez  

From Coco Chanel in the 1920's to Brigitte Bardot ("BB") and Jane Birkin in the 1960's and 1970's, this became the beloved seaside retreat of the French new wave ("Nouvelle Vague") cinema and yé-yé music artists, who created a new way of life and this iconic seaside style on the beaches, in the artists residencies and night clubs, where bikinis, sandals, summer hats & bags were king.

Brigitte Bardot at "La Madrague", her Saint-Tropez House 


Jane Birkin and her iconic basket bag


Throwback to 1960's, the raffia hats and basket bags evoked -and still do in our imagination- the holidays at the sea, the beach, naps on the sand and a certain idea of freedom.


 Brigitte Bardot 

They are so boho-chic, so feminine and are the refined final touch to any look, giving instantly this "Je-ne-sais-quoi" French twist. 

Just look at Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot to get inspiration from their effortless looks, transcended by those simple yet chic accessories.


Brigitte Bardot


Our Raffia bags & hats selection for girls and moms is directly inspired by those French icons and long Summer days in Saint-Tropez, on the beach, or walking in the old town cobblestone streets. Timeless. Stylish.

Designed by Noro Paris, they are entirely hand-crocheted by fair trade artisans in Madagascar and thus speak of high quality and craftmanship. They have been produced in limited edition with longevity in mind, to last more than one season. 


 Noro Paris Cloche Raffia hat


Noro Paris Provence Hippie Embroidered Raffia Basket


Noro Paris Madrague Raffia basket



Noro Paris Madrague Raffia Basket 


Noro Paris Provence Pompons Raffia Basket


Noro Paris Raffia Dot Hat



Noro Paris Rosette Raffia Shoulder bag


Noro Paris Wide-Brimmed Raffia Hat 


La Madrague Lyrics

Brigitte Bardot, 1963

Sur la plage abandonnée
Coquillages et crustacés
Qui l'eût cru déplore la perte de l'été
Qui depuis s'en est allé
On a rangé les vacances
Dans des valises en carton
Et c'est triste quand on pense à la saison
Du soleil et des chansons
Pourtant je sais bien l'année prochaine
Tout refleurira nous reviendrons
Mais en attendant je suis en peine
De quitter la mer et ma maison
Le mistral va s'habituer
A courir sans les voiliers
Et c'est dans ma chevelure ébouriffée
Qu'il va le plus me manquer
Le soleil mon grand copain
Ne me brûlera que de loin
Croyant que nous sommes ensemble un peu fâchés
D'être tous deux séparés
Le train


All Black & White photos credit : Pinterest