The Paris series  -  Winter in Paris

The Paris series - Winter in Paris

This week, to celebrate the addition of a new Parisian brand to the Belle Vie Paris selection, Marlot Paris, we are starting a new blog series, called the "Paris series".

Because Paris is one of the strongest symbol and window of French fashion, style, culture and "Art de Vivre" in the world, all things we are happy to share with you here on that journal, through our French boutique selection as well as on Instagram.

Because from the beginning and still today, Paris has been inspiring us and we would like to show you the roots of that inspiration, our favorite places -the ones everyone knows and the more secret ones- and what the city has to offer 365.

Paris is a beautiful city where wonders are at every street corner, if you are willing to take the time to walk around with no rush. 

While we love the city in the summer time, we also like the winter vibes, when you can enjoy a walk in the pure fresh air of the parks almost on your own and then stop in a nice "Salon de Thé" to warm up and recharge the batteries when it's getting cold outside.


A stroll in the parks















Tea Time anyone?
"Salons de Thé"
Sébastien Gaudard
1, rue des Pyramides, Paris 1st


Several locations. One of our favorites is the St Germain des Près one
21, rue Bonaparte Paris 6th


When in Paris, don't forget to visit our brands favorite flagship stores:

CSAO - 3, rue Elzévir 75003 Paris

Minois Paris - 14, rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris