One day in Giverny

One day in Giverny



Entering Claude Monet’s house and garden is magical and ... disturbing as if you had suddenly entered one of his paintings.

Monet moved in Giverny when he was 43 years old and never left. He transformed the house and the gardens into a haven of peace and a living space for his inspiration. He created the pond and brought the water lilies and other plants and flowers to have his own open air studio.

The land where Monet created the pond was added to the property a few years after Monet settled in Giverny. It is located on the other side of the road and you access to the pond through a passage under the road.



Spending time in Giverny, even with the crowd, will give you an idea of the colorful world in which Monet spent the last half of his life. The garden is a perfectly curated and each month is different as many flowers and trees blossom successively.



The garden in front of the main house is a rainbow of flowers. Starting in April with the anemons, tulips and forget me not and going through spring and summer with peonies, roses, iris, a carpet of nasturtiums like Monet used to grow them and the dahlias, asters... An ever changing garden, source of inspiration and joy.

The light pink and bright green house is a happy and colorful place where you can imagine how the master lived his daily life.




A lot of reproductions in Monet’s studio, filled with light and memories.



Upstairs we can visit the main bedrooms including Monet’s, most intimate room with work from dear artists, and a big collection of Japanese prints which inspired him. He had a wonderful view on his garden.




The color palette of this house is a truly happy one as you can enter the yellow dining room or blue kitchen. The house is inhabited but you can feel the joy of the good food cooked in this marvelous kitchen or the lively meals shared in the yellow dining room. A life full of flowers, art and colors!





Some tips for an easy trip to Giverny and make your time there unforgettable:

Book your ticket online, you will enter the garden super easily

You can go by train from Paris and stop at Vernon or treat yourself with a chauffeur in a mini van.