Autumn in Portland

Autumn in Portland

We have recently discovered with the girls a dreamy place only 2 miles of downtown Portland, the Hoyt Arboretum. Founded in 1928, it houses a collection of more than 6,000 trees and plants representing over 2,000 species from around the world.

In Autumn, the color palette is beautiful, ranging from greens to yellows, oranges, reds, burgundy, browns.

The girls loved picking bouquets of leaves of all shapes and colors, walking on the trails and discovering all kinds of trees from this incredible botanical collection.

Heritage from my childhood when we would go walking in the woods and foraging for mushrooms, I really like being in nature and bringing the awareness to my daughters that there is so much beauty around us in doing simple things. We found it in a ray of light brightening a leaf, in the little treasures they gathered in their dresses' pockets (very helpful!), in the majesty of those centennial trees, especially the Douglas Fir which is the tree of the Oregon state. I found it also in their smiles and when my oldest asked me to come back because she really really loved it.

So, Hoyt Arboretum, see you until next time!


















The girls are both wearing the 'Bonjour' Velvet Apron Dresses, adorned on the front with bouquets of flowers delicately embroidered by talented artisans in India.